Painting of a Calm River Stream

My Art is My Love Letter to the World

Water Media Artist

Welcome to Perceptions. I'm Barbara Field, and this is my company, which showcases the art I enjoy creating. Beautiful scenes from the natural wonder of the northwest are what I love to paint. The mountains, streams, trees, and rocks, all lend me their true and diverse forms as I capture them in their springtime, summer, autumn, and winter array. I'm in love with painting and want to share it with you. I use water media in all my work. Please enjoy.

Family Sledding Together Two Boats River Flowing Down From Mountain Snowboarder

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About Perceptions

Perceptions is the creative outlet where I offer my paintings to the public. I'm Barbara Field, a water media artist based here in Gig Harbor, WA. My style is fluid and can change from painting to painting as you will see. Realism, surrealism, abstractionism, cubism, and impressionistic works are all here in my water media.

People view my work in many different ways when they view my work. Some folks love the impression of motion and the colors. Many enjoy the landscape images. Currently, my perceptions can be seen in Puget Sound and Northern Idaho galleries and shows, as well as in private collections nationwide. Each summer in Gig Harbor and Sand Point, ID, my work is displayed in local art shows.

I'm a former high school art teacher and have returned to painting in retirement, offering my work as a love letter to the world. I love to tell a visual story, recreating glistening waterfalls or the mystery of a boat's reflecting shadows. My water media compositions express various rhythms, hues, and moods, appropriate to their real and imaginary subjects. Having studied as a Hunter College undergraduate under some well-known New York abstract painters, I recognize their influence on my use of line, color, and space. Subsequent grad studies at the University of Washington and the University of Puget Sound, coupled with my teaching and administration experiences as well as extensive family travel are all reflected in my work.


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